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the brand

The name Eleco comes from the word “elemental” - for which we named our first collection. Eleco’s was created for and will always be about the benefit and preservation of the environment; therefore, “elemental” was the perfect way to represent the forces of nature for which we fight for.

Our mission with Eleco is to encourage sustainable fashion and help foster a lifestyle change to earth-friendly processes. 

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the founders

 Hi! Our names are Anchita Karwande (left) & Teju Lankipalli (right) and we are the co-founders of Eleco. Eleco began as a business venture in our final year of high school as a means to make a positive and lasting impact with our peers. We started  Eleco by creating environmentally friendly, handcrafted minimalistic jewelry as a way to combat the usage of unsustainable materials implemented by fast fashion brands.

Our Interns


Reagan Fleeher

Marketing Manager


Mariam Ali

Blog Writer

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