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Don't Bite The Hand (Earth's Hand) That Feeds You -- Instead, Repay it.

"Eco vs Ego" Grenoble, France

We can't reverse the environmental damages already done, so now it's up to us to sustain a healthy attitude about maintaining what's still savable. Earth is our only home, and our options are limited, so it's strongly advised to get ahead in protecting our safe space by repaying our earth. Living sustainably may seem challenging if you have a hard time locating what products to invest in, which is why we must discuss eco-friendly alternatives.

Adjusting your usual routine to improve current conditions encourages progressive thinking and demonstrates that you have empathy and compassion, which are important qualities to acquire, especially in today's time. Even if you change a few things gradually and not instantly, you're helping to instill better habits in the corners of your world.

Let's jump right in! Here are 10 alternative products to utilize:

1. Reusable Water Bottles - Stainless Steel Tumbler

An option not unheard of, this alternative is highly suggested instead of using water bottles out of convenience. If you think about it, all the plastics that have ever been produced still exist! It might sound absurd at first, but it's the truth. They do not decompose, which is why it's vital to combat the issue as best as we can. Using reusable bottles not only provides consistency in the products that you're using, but the tumblers also offer support in keeping your hot drink hot and your cold beverage cold.

2. Bamboo Toothbrush

A sustainable replacement for plastic toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrushes come from a natural plant and are biodegradable. As a renewable resource, they provide many benefits. The bristles on the brushes are BPA-free, demonstrating a reduced impact on our health. They last for about 3 months with proper care, lasting as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush.

3. Wooden Cotton Swabs

Made out of birch, they are a healthier alternative than plastic q-tips. Although they are a bit more expensive, they're a lot easier for the environment to handle. Also, they are not as influenced by moisture when considering balance and solidity.

4. Natural Deodorant

As eco-friendly products, natural deodorants include many beneficial characteristics. It's infused with plant-based elements and coconut oil, modulating sweat and keeping you from reeking any body odor. Helping you smell fresh, natural deodorants aid in preventing bacterial and fungal scents from heightening. With a visible impact in expelling unpleasant microbes, it's a great alternative option to consider!

5. Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are consumed with many chemicals that prove harmful to the environment and contribute to water and soil pollution. If you're willing to engage in a product with prolonged use, consider getting recharable batteries. A healthier option, these batteries contribute less waste since they are replenishable with a battery charger and are reusable assets. They also require less energy since they're more energy-efficient than the cost of producing new batteries. Although they're more on the high-cost end of the spectrum, you actually save a substantial amount because they are recyclable and do not require you to buy a lot over periods of time.

6. Plastic-free mesh bags

Created from strands and non-woven synthetic substances, mesh nets are healthier choices in deciding what bags to use. Used for grocery stores, these eco-cotton containers are supreme supplies for gathering resources. They are recommended when using thick-skinned produce like fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, oranges, potatoes, and onions. They also helo with providing ventilation when needing to air dry items. As a very sustainable option, the fabric is of high quality can easily be repaired. Forget those flimsy plastic bags and consider looking into these products!

7. Reusable Paper/Notebooks

According to the EPA's website, The United States utilizes about 70 million tons of notebook paper each year. Assuming you're interested in being part of the change by reducing paper waste, investing in reusable notebooks is cost-effective and provides a similar satisfaction rate when comparing new paper. Also, It requires 70% less energy and water, saving time and resources necessary to cut down on pollution. Unlike new paper, reusable paper is not meant to be disposed of after a signal usage. Recycled paper aids in lessening greenhouse gas discharged that ultimately subscribe to climate change.

8. Compostable cutlery and bowls

There are undoubtedly many advantages in utilizing biodegradable utensils over those produced as petroleum-based plastic. As they are much healthier for the environment, they restrict non-renewable resources by reducing total waste and energy produced, also lessening pollution efforts. If in need of some utensils on the go, these compostable options subscribe to durable usage.

9. LED Light bulbs

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, hones in a very dynamic approach to using energy. They are around 80% more efficient than traditional lighting methods. The majority of LED energy is converted into light, and less than 10% is wasted as heat. As energy-efficient materials, they capitalize on reducing power usage, decreased the demand for power plants and greenhouse gas emissions. Other advantages include lowered electronic fees, a maximized usability, high-quality illumination and intensity, a wide color range, and a safer light source in general.

10. Wool Footwear

Wool is a natural protein fiber that is decomposable, renewable and is breathable. They also provide comfort by utilizing already existing materials instead of relying on cheaper synthetics. Wool can quickly absorb a sizable amount of moisture and releases sweat into the air 7 times more rapidly than artificial materials. Wool paves the space for comfortability while also reacting to body temperature changes.


Our constant reliance on non-renewable resources proves detrimental to our environment and humanity's wellbeing. It doesn't hurt to educate yourself on alternative options when utilizing products. Be considerate, and halt the damages we have control of preventing.

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