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Eleco - Who Are We?

There is no such thing as sacrificing elegance for sustainability. Living sustainably is something that Eleco prioritizes. Eleco is a small, sustainable business that sells handmade jewelry at more than reasonable prices! Created by inspired college students, Eleco is all about taking necessary precautions in protecting our earth, a non-renewable resource.

We recognize the significance of maintaining all that our earth has to offer us, and we do our best to repay the favor by practicing and utilizing healthier alternatives. We also know that there is no planet B, so living sustainably will help us and future generations to come. Eleco was started as a formal commitment to preserving the environment and bringing awareness to topics in dire need of attention.

Our mission is to promote sustainable fashion further and foster an eco-friendly lifestyle. We encourage eco-friendly products while also giving much-needed attention to our current environmental issues. Our products range from aesthetically cute bracelets to cute clay trays to hold your accessories; look below!

Special Products That We Offer:

Customized Triple Strung Anklet ($9): You have the full advantage of designing your own jewelry at Eleco, and the square anklet provides that same opportunity. From the string color to the beads, you are the sole decision-maker. We consider other individual's tastes when creating these products to include more variety.

These non-conflict accessories include eco-friendly beads and hemp that are great additions to any outfit. If you like dainty material that's biodegradable and organic, take a second look at these products and learn more by browsing the Make Your Own Collection!

Tote Bags ($14):

A popular item, this tote bag is made from recycled cotton and emphasizes sustainability in every aspect. This tote incorporates the natural colors of the world, with the primary colors being beige and green. With the "Sustainable" text and unique painted pattern, this hand-designed tote bag is the perfect way to promote your own sustainable lifestyle. Check this and other tote bag design out in our Accessories!

Pastel Choker/Necklace ($6):

Part of our Pastel Collection, this necklace contains elements that highlight everyday life's purity and simplicity as a reminder. This double-strung choker/necklace is fitted with three tiny recycled glass beads on a pure white hemp cord. Finished with a stainless steel lobster clasp for adjustability, this product showcases the clarity in choosing to live sustainably. The choker/necklace is made with 100% recycled glass beads and 100% biodegradable hemp cord. Browse more like this in our Jewelry!

Green Monstera Leaf Tray ($9):

Entirely created with eco-friendly, non-toxic air-hardening clay, this jewelry tray is inspired by the Monstera Leaf found in many tropical regions worldwide. Air-hardening lay is utilized as an alternative to unsustainable polymer-based clay. It includes a rich green color with a unique blend of earth-friendly tempera paints used to substitute harmful and toxic acrylic pains. Finished with sealer, this waterproof clay tray is perfect for holding your favorite pieces of jewelry, your house keys, or whatever you desire. Get your hands on this unique piece and more rudimentary pieces from our Clay Collection!


By investing in our products, you not only contribute a positive impact on your environment, but you directly partake in living a more sustainable lifestyle. No matter how small your contribution is, it still has an impact.

*15% of all profits from the Elemental Collection to its respective charities:

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